Emancipate Your mind: The key To Living Your life Passionately and Powerfully

Never lessen who you are because someone else may feel uncomfortable with who you are. You are here to live your authentic life and you can’t be authentic if you are curtailing your personality, your knowledge, your inner strength because someone else may not be strong enough to handle who you are. Living who you are full-out will motivate others to stop hiding their light behind a bushel. You are here to shine your light so others can be brave enough to also shine their light. Remember, when you dim your light to satisfy someone else you are doing yourself a disservice. Don’t be afraid to live your life passionately and powerfully.

Your personality is the beacon of your life. Don’t hide it. We live in a world where people are living life by the status serviced apartment kowloon. quo, they are afraid of being their real selves for fear of being criticized, for fear of being told that they are too conceited, that they are not team-players or that they are being too much. As a child I heard it all. The adults around me did everything to squash my personality and squash who I am so that I would become a clone, being like them, suffering like them, repressing my dreams like they did and living a mundane life in mental bondage. I felt like life was closing in on me and I was glad when i had to leave the island and travel far, far, faaar away from those mentalities. A favourite song of mine, one that I live by the words is “Redemption Song” from Robert Nesta Marley, otherwise known as Bob Marley:

It is up to us to free our minds from mental bondage and open up our lives to living a passionate and powerful life. The world needs more people who are living their lives freely, not more slaves to the system. As i began to grow myself into the woman and human being that i desire to be I knew that living my life like my early caretakers and like the people I saw around me was never an option. Living my life on my terms helped me to create a passionate and powerful life. Of course as a woman or I should say as a female, I’ve gotten a lot of flak for not responding and living up to the gender biases that are out there. A female should be quiet, think like a man, be indecisive, be insecure, blasting men for being cheaters and dogs, should not be confident unless it is contained and controlled, should defer to men, I shouldn’t have my own mind and a man must always think for me and dictate my life. And if I’m not living according to all those ludicrous expectations then I’m not a proper woman, I’m a lesbian or whatever other insults that were heaped my way. I never took on any of those bondage mentalities.

Living my life powerfully meant that i live my life in freedom, freedom of mind, freedom of heart, freedom of soul. That is how we should all live our lives – in freedom. When i freed up my life I began to experience life with such gusto, passion and love. It opened up a larger world for me to explore. Being Trudy-Ann, being full-out with my personality and with all of who I am, life became a grander place to live in. I’ve hiked through the Amazon Jungle in Brazil, watch the sun set over Columbia, swam with the infamous pink dolphins in the Rio Negra in Amazonas, sailed on the Amazon River and I even got to put my feet in the Amazon River. I have walked along the Seine in Paris, walked along the River Thames in London, visited the Louvre Museum in Paris and met my Fabio look-alike on the dimly lit romantic streets of Paris. Learned to dance Latin music and competed and won most of my Latin Dance competitions. I have lived my dreams and I have lived them passionately.

Whenever I feel as if I’m not supposed to be who I am, I remember all my exploits and how passionate my life was and then I’m reminded that i got to experience all those fabulous things because I lived at the highest level of myself. I saw my magnificence being mirrored in all my adventures. I could not have lived those experiences if i was living lesser than my authentic self, if my mind was still in bondage and mental slavery.

Not everyone will like you for you. People may think that you are being too upity, or that you are too young to know what you know, or that someone of your race should not have the knowledge and experience that you have. They may think that you are arrogant and conceited. The only way that you should acknowledge them is if you know that they are right. If you know within you that they are not right then continue on with your life. “You do not have to let other people’s opinion of you become your reality”, ~Les Brown. If others are not living their authentic self they may think you are being arrogant and conceited and everything you do and or say will affect them. You can’t get caught up in that, otherwise you may find that you are reducing who you are. Before you know it your life will stop feeling passionate and powerful. Do not weaken your mind and your life just to make others feel comfortable. You will be dimming your bright light.

Each and everyone of us should be living our life passionately and powerfully. When we are then we won’t be bothered too greatly when others challenge us. You will have the presence of mind to walk away or walk around those attitudes. We are not here to argue and defend who we are. That is what being confident in ourselves and living a powerful life is all about. We need to pay constant attention to our lives so that we can walk a different path if there is something that may affect our life negatively thus causing it to crash. When we know who we are, which includes realizing that we are no longer children, we don’t need to defend ourselves or our lives. We live life on our terms, not on the terms of others. That does not mean that we won’t need advice from others, however, when we live our life confidently and powerfully, then we will seek advise from others who are also living their lives confidently and powerfully.

In the same token, those who are embarking on their Journey of becoming powerful in themselves and living a passionate life, they will be drawn to what you have to say. They will be drawn to pay for what you are offering them. You can’t become powerful if you are still in the same environment that is draining your energy thus making you feel weak. That is counter-productive to the goal you are working on achieving. Yes, living a passionate and powerful life takes work, it takes strength and it takes a strong sense of knowing from deep within your heart and your soul that you are doing the right thing for your life. And if you need any more reminders, just look back at your life at all the passionate things you have experienced. Let your passion become your powerful life.

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